Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 mgPure green coffee bean extract became so popular in the last few months since it was approved scientifically to lower body weight by melting fat away. One of the things that increased the popularity of this supplement very much is the very interesting weight loss scientific experiment that was made on Dr Oz show. If you didn’t hear about this experiment before you can read about it here on this website at: http://www.greencoffeeextractt.com/green-coffee-bean-extract-dr-oz/

In this experiment Dr Oz gave the participants the 400 mg pills three times a day. He also recommended that the pill should contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid which is the main active ingredient in the pill that can melt fat away. In this experiment participants lost two pounds in two weeks.


Is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 mg Better?

Although Dr Oz used the 400 mg pills in his experiment and worked very well for the participants, one of the show guests Dr Lindsey Duncan the celebrity nutritionist recommended the 800 mg green coffee bean extract pills 30 minutes before meal twice daily. So which one should you take?

Well obviously it depends on how fast you want to lose weight and in the same time keep it safe. Both the 400 mg pills three times a day and the 800 mg pills twice a day are safe and won’t make you lose weight very fast to the level that may harm your body. So if 2 pounds in 2 weeks is enough for you then take the 400 mg pills three times a day before meals but if you want to lose more or you just want to decrease the number of times you take the pill then take the 800 mg pills twice a day 30 minute before the main meals.


What Results Others Got With The 800 mg Pills?

To know that I made some research on the websites that allow users write their own reviews on products they purchased to help other customers make the right choice (not fake testimonials made by the product’s owner). Here are few of the reviews I found:

Willie Willis from USA said:” I am in my 3rd week on the Green coffee bean extract. I have lost almost 12 pounds. My start weight was 234.6lbs and I weighted in yesterday at 223.4lb.”

Well, it seems that it is working differently for different people. Actually the results on Dr Oz experiments were the average weight lost, which means that some people lost 2 pounds per week others lost 0.75 pound per week. But 4 pounds per week that Willie is saying that he lost is more than anyone in Dr Oz experiment. Most probably Willie was combining the supplement (800 mg) with exercises and diet changes to get the best results.

Cotoledo at Amazon.com said: “I was a little concerned at first cause was not sure if this was a reliable product or not, I have to tell you that I’m about to be taking this 3 weeks now and it really works I have lost about 5lbs. these are legit.”

Again this guy lost more than the results in Dr Oz experiment. Well, maybe this is because in the experiment Dr Oz made he didn’t want the participants to make any diet changes or exercise more because he wanted to only test one factor which is the supplement itself without combining it with anything else.

What you can learn from the above two reviews and the many other I have came through is that this 800 mg green coffee bean extract pills work very well for many people especially when they combine it with exercises even if it is just walking.


Can Old People Take The 800 mg Pills And Lose Weight?

If you are old and wondering if this supplement could work for you then this review by a 63 years old customer on one of 800 mg green coffee extract products (also posted on Amazon.com) will answer your question:

“I am just about finished with my first bottle and am pleased with the results. I am 63 years old. I am active and eat healthy. However I could not get the scale to move. I am tracking my food intake and since beginning the Green Bean Coffee Extract. I find that I am losing anywhere from 1/2 to 1 lb. per week. I also notice that I am not hungry between meals and therefore not as tempted to snack. I am pleased with this product and will order more.”


Is There Any Angry Customers?

As any other product there must be unsatisfied customers as there is no such magic or miracle product that can solve the problem for everyone around the world. Most of the negative reviews I came through say that they didn’t lose weight at all but I don’t depend too much on this kind of reviews. This is because the supplement is scientifically tested so it works, but some people may take it in the wrong way. Some people think that they can lose weight with a pill even if they are taking in a lot of snacks, cheetos and this kind of stuff.

Away from these reviews what I really care about is that if there are any side effects that real customers experienced or not. So this review caught my attention: “This was great at first. I was actually losing weight. I was very excited……after using it (2 tablets a day) my hands and feet started to peel. I had 1″+ patches of skin coming off my hands and feet.”

This problem of peeling is not common among the negative reviews, so most probably this lady had an allergy or something caused by one of the ingredients of the supplement. So make sure that you carefully check the list of ingredients and make sure that you have no problem taking any of these ingredients before taking the pill.



Pure green coffee bean extract 800 mg pills have good fat loss results when taken twice daily 30 minutes before meal. To get even better results combine the supplement effect with daily exercise even if it is walking for 20 minutes.

Make sure that you check the list of ingredients on the label before you buy. Make sure that each pill contains 45% or more chlorogenic acid, this what makes the pill pure not just seeing the word “Pure” on the label.


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