In September 10 Dr Oz discussed how green coffee bean extract can double weight loss. Because some people talked about him that he is getting paid by some manufactures of the supplement to sell it he decided to make an experiment that was never made on TV. The following is the text version of the episode (with little editing):

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner That Works!

Dr Oz: What is green coffee bean? Where it comes from?

It is a supplement that helps you burn fat faster, it works best when it is in the green plant form. Its fat burning properties is destroyed when the beans get roasted to make the coffee that you drink, so you can’t get it from the coffee itself.

Second big question is how this stuff works?

Is it the caffeine? Well, no we don’t think that it is the caffeine because frankly this supplement is caffeine free. There are anti-oxidents in green coffee bean extract that melt your fat away.

How much weight you can lose if you take green coffee bean extract?

Well, to find out I have designed an experiment. It is the first of its kind ever on our audience of almost a hundred people took part of this project. To get the science right and consult it with my medical investor board including some of the best nutritionists, weight loss experts in the field and two of them are here today, Dr. Caroline Apovian a weight loss professional and nutritionist Kirstin Kirkpatrick.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Apovian; Who could participate?

Dr. Apovian: Well Dr. Oz as you know this hasn’t been studied very well on humans so we wanted it to be safe and we wanted to decrease the noise so that we wanted the group of people that we chose to be very similar so we chose women between the ages of 35 and 49 who needed to lose weight, their BMI to be between 25 and 45 not too too big.

We also did not want them to have many medical problems, so no diabetes, no history of heart attack or stroke and may not be pregnant or breast feeding. And again we wanted the two groups the control group and the group that got the supplement to be as similar as possible so that we could really test the effect of green coffee bean extract.


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Dr Oz: Ok Kris You have asked everybody as part of this experiment to participate in food log, why this was so important for you?

Kris: It was so important because what we wanted to see was the individual weight loss attributed to the green coffee bean extract or was it attributed to other factors in their diet, we couldn’t really have that added element of having them add or reduce calories in their diet so we wanted them to the same things in their diet every single day to make sure that we really testing what we are trying to test.

Dr. Oz: And to be clear we didn’t force them to change what they eating

Kris: Correct


Report On How The Experiment Was Made:

Reporter: This is the largest television experiment we have ever done. With all our entire audience specially chosen and clear to participate.

First step: Find green coffee bean extract in its pure form. Half of our testers received a green bottle of bean extract, the other half a fake placebo with no green coffee bean at all. No one knew which one they are getting. With each bottle a set of instructions on when and how to take the pill and a link to a regular food log mandatory to each participant but they didn’t need to make any dietary or lifestyle change. Then before the participants took their first pill our medical team recorded the women starting weight, waist size, blood pressure and heart rate. For 2 weeks we followed our testers as they documented their daily regime.

So what happened? Did the green coffee bean extract work? Who did lost weight and how much?

Dr Oz: So let’s ask you all a question don’t you all know what happened?

Audience: Yea

Dr Oz: So let me ask you a couple of questions first:

Dr Oz: So first of all I want to know why did you want to participate

A lady from the participants: I struggled with my weight up and down up and down I exercise I watch what I eat so I thought well may be if I participate it will help me jump start lose my weight loss.

Dr Oz: Perfect thank you very much, Sherry what were you hoping from this experiment?

Sherry: I was hoping not to get the placebo I was also hoping that, you know, I hate to use the word “miracle” but I thought that there is something for us that can let us enjoy our food and lifestyle and lose weight.

Dr Oz: And explain what you think the placebo is.

The lady: I basically think that, mmm, can I say that I think that I got it?

Dr Oz: Yes you can, go ahead what did you think what the placebo is

The lady: I think that the placebo was just a pill that is nothing may be just sugar, you know, something that not gonna have any effect on me one way or the other, benefit or not.

Dr Oz: Let me ask another question here, do you think that you got the pill or not?

Third lady: I think that I got the placebo, I don’ know, I didn’t lost any weight but I lost 3 inches but….

Dr Oz: Let me get it clear here none of you knew what you were getting?

Audience: No

Dr Oz: You all kept food logs?

Audience: Yea

Dr Oz: You took those little pills we told you to before every meal?

Audience: Yea

Dr Oz: All right we come back to the surprising results to find out the green coffee bean extract is a fat-burner that you all have been waiting for that’s next….

Dr Oz: We talked about the reality that none of you know if you actually got the pill or not except for the people that I have interviewed.

All right, some of you got the placebo, there is no active ingredient here and the reason we gave is that we know the power of the mind, power of the mind that convinces you to do what to do. So if I told you that this is a magical pill that will make you lose weight you could take this and lose weight.

So the placebo group and the experimental group got pills that look almost identical that no one could tell the difference even if he looked so closely.

Dr Oz: The placebo group lost 42 pounds, so where is Michel? Hey come up Michel stand up if you don’t mind. So how much weight did you lose?

Michel: I lost 1 pound

Dr Oz: So you lost the average of the placebo group. But I love to understand you didn’t eat any differently and still lost 1 pound in two weeks.

Michel: I did notice that I wasn’t eating as much, I usually eat through the day I didn’t feel that I need to do anything like that, that was very interesting.

Dr Oz: So do you think it was the placebo, the food log or what do you think it cause that?

Michel: I think the placebo, mind take that and help control what I was eating but I didn’t change anything in my diet I still ate everything that I typically eat but not just as much.

Dr Oz: Thank you very much that is great, so here is what everyone needs to know, the participants all of you took 400mg three times a day and you took it 30 minutes before each meal, so the bottom line is really clear here that green coffee bean extract work for this audience, lost an average of 2 pounds in 2 weeks which experts say that it is the healthy safe amount in that time frame.

Whether or not you keep taking a supplement keep following a food journal that helps you lose weight why is that? Because food journaling helps you lose weight.

Ok here is the catch this is an important one not all green coffee bean extract is created equal, off next I am going to tell you the only kinds that I want you to take where you can find it and how to use it to double your weight loss.


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Dr Oz: We are back and we are talking about green coffee bean extract and our experiment on this audience and found that taking green coffee bean extract doubles weight loss, others have found similar results but not all green coffee is created equal we did our research we found that only two manufactures that are selling this stuff that works if you don’t know what you are looking for you are going to get ineffective products so here are my guidelines for buying green coffee bean extract, please write these down.

The first thing you are going to do is find out of either of these words are on the bottle: SVETOL or GCA stands for Green Coffee Anti-oxidant you will find these words just look on the ingredients these words and these words are alone that makes you know if the product is pure.

Do not be mislead when the word “pure” is put on the label, people use it all the time as a marketing point.

I also want you to look for a capsule that says at least 45% chlorogenic acid is contained in it, more than 45% is fine but I don’t want you to get a pill anything less than that amount.

The capsules you are gonna get will range in size, they going to be 200 mg, 400 mg, 800 mg different sizes I’ll tell you what our participants are seemed to work for them 400 mg capsules is what they got they took these 3 times a day a half an hour before meals. A 30 day supply cost 30 dollars I know that’s a lot of money if that is too much for you the free option is a food journal.


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So who is green coffee bean extract right for?

For most healthy adults who want to lose weight could try it.

Who is it wrong for?

There are no indications that green coffee bean extract has any harmful side effects. So from my side of precaution I don’t want you to take this pill if you are pregnant or breast feeding or young people under the age of 18 because we still know nothing about it. Also let me ask the audience has anyone of you experienced giddiness, shakiness?

Audience: No

Dr Oz: Ok because it shows that we know already is true that green coffee bean extract has very little caffeine in it much less than that in coffee so giddiness should not be an issue for anybody with these supplements.

And finally do not purchase any green coffee bean extract if you cannot see and view the list of ingredients. And you should see zero fillers, zero binders and zero artificial ingredients on that list.


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